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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Summary

'Libraries add to and create community. Providing all of the population access to information, knowledge, resources and the ability to connect with their fellow residents in a dynamic, welcoming and variety of interesting ways [is most valued about the library]."- Survey respondent

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Port Townsend loves its library! With 96% of library patrons rating the overall library as good to excellent! During the spring of 2018 the Port Townsend Public Library (Library) conducted this survey to better understand how our patrons use the library, and what services— current and potential—are most important to them. An incredible 584 respondents offered approximately 1105 written comments about the library. Of the respondents, 95% have a library card. The survey had its limitations with primarily only library users responding to the survey. Future work will need to be done to connect with non-library users and children and teens throughout the community. Increased outreach by library staff and stakeholders is needed to provide public education about the many library services and programs offered for all citizens. This response reflects the sentiments of many comments, as one citizen wrote, "The library is as essential a public service as schools, utilities, streets, police, and fire protection. Port Townsend's historic and literary significance deserve a landmark library, world-class (in facilities, collection, programs, service) for a city of our size."

Here are the synthesized top reflections from the analysis of the survey feedback.

What the Library is doing well:

Most valued about the Library:

Specific changes suggested to help improve the Library:

Customer satisfaction is the key to library success and actively requesting and responding to feedback regularly is essential for the Library to thrive and remain committed to its citizens. Overall, our library is seen as a highly valued and treasured community resource and the positive ratings were consistent with the comments. Our intention is to use the results to help guide us in developing our levels of service analysis and sustainable funding options for early 2019 and a new strategic plan for the Library by the end 2019.